Mar Mar Copenhagen Stormy Wear Swimwear

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Stylish Mar Mar Copenhagen Stormy Wear Swimwear in graphic print with front zipper and protects with UV 50+ / UPF factor 50.
This means that this swimsuit blocks the entire 98% of the sun’s rays and thus provides maximum protection against the sun’s rays for delicate skin.
To avoid color fading, loss of elasticity and to extend the life of
your new swimsuit, make sure to always:
– Rinse your swimsuit after use (for use both in saltwater and freshwater)
– Use detergent without bleach and wash at maximum 40 degrees gentle wash or hand wash.
– Never tumble dry your swimwear, as this will weaken the fibers of the material.
– Avoid direct contact with sunscreen, as this can cause staining.
Be aware that sunlight can bleach your swimsuit with time.

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